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Looking at The Town & Country calendar, there are plenty of social functions, events, and entertainment performances to choose from. Community living provides excellent cirumstances to cultivate every aspect of your person – body, mind, and spirit. Come when you can. Just know, we always have a place waiting for you! 

Entertainment & Games

Our residents love live entertainment, especially music and informative guest speakers. Feature films, both the classics and new, are always popular with our local movie buffs. Thrilling board or card games are a huge attraction, while chair beachball really brings out the competitive team spirit!

Community Outings

Residents love venturing outside their community to explore around Town & Country. This area has so much to offer those looking for a little adventure. What would you like to do or see?

Mind & Body

Many opportunities are provided to help residents grow, learn, and move. Socializing is promoted as an important part of a healthy, aging lifestyle.

Intergenerational & Volunteer Events

It can be magical when older adults and children interact through intergenerational experiences. The wisdom shared from adults provides invaluable growth opportunities for the youngsters. Volunteer opportunities, giving back to ones community, can be very rewarding. People who volunteer feel more confident, useful, and capable after donating their time. 

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